In the encounter of adversity as a end result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a neighborhood ethno-photographer Anna Senik has taken up arms and enlisted as a soldier but has not supplied up on her like for images.

Senik — who publishes underneath the inventive pseudonym “Ładna Kobieta” — is based in Kyiv, the funds of Ukraine, which on Sunday acquired the biggest attack from Russia due to the fact the invasion commenced. A new Retroville buying middle was strike by an airstrike and left at least eight men and women lifeless as described by The Guardian.

Working with the consequences of Russia’s invasion is aspect of Senik’s day by day truth as she serves in the Armed Territorial Defense. Despite the fact that this has quickly taken her absent from her passion for what she describes as ethno-photography, she actively continues to use her get the job done as a supply of inspiration.

Photographer Celebrates the Attractiveness of Custom

“I’ve been having images for more than 10 yrs, and all this time I labored in the style of the-pictures — reproducing standard visuals,” Senik tells PetaPixel. “For me, nationwide outfits are a single of the most aesthetic issues in the world — this is what I have devoted my life to.”

Anna Senik's ethno-photography Anna Senik's ethno-photography

For the most element, Senik’s designs are not specialists and she hand-picks them, when the outfits are all reliable antique clothing from each personal and museum collections. Collectively with her workforce, which consists of ethnographers, costumers, collectors, and assistants, Senik has established a assortment of visible heritage that she hopes “will lengthen the existence of the unique conventional tradition of Ukraine.”

“But the most important rationale why I do it is that I just love this splendor,” she provides.

From Images to the Armed Territorial Defense

Military services expertise is practically nothing new to Senik. She first volunteered in 2014 at the beginning of the Russian aggression when it invaded and annexed the Crimean Peninsula from Ukraine.

“Therefore, we can say that I have constantly experienced selections about the want to protect my homeland,” she explains. “I realized what I would do if required. Given that I was currently at war, it was easier for me to choose up arms all over again now. For the reason that I realized what to be all set for and had no illusions.”

Anna Senik's ethno-photography Anna Senik's ethno-photography

Despite the fact that Senik had self esteem in her possess determination to enlist, she however was briefly shocked as, for the very first time, war was so close. As the conflict reached the outskirts of Kyiv, she had to persuade her family to go away Kyiv, which she finally managed to do.

Whilst Senik’s day by day lifetime now revolves around her military services duties, pictures even now performs a major function. For illustration, Senik utilizes her Instagram to share frequent updates on the current situation in the place.

She usually makes use of professional images from her archives as the to start with picture in a photo carousel, juxtaposed with very first-hand accounts of military daily life, wrecked homes, and lives. In a way, her photos provide as a stark reminder to herself and others of what is at stake.

Anna Senik's ethno-photography Anna Senik's ethno-photography Anna Senik's ethno-photography Anna Senik's ethno-photography Anna Senik's ethno-photography

“Not to fail to remember why we are in this article, what we are defending and what we are preventing for,” Senik writes under one particular of her Instagram posts. “This is Ukraine — and it is wonderful.”

For Senik, images is a way of observing the planet. “Sharing my perform on social media all through the war is a way to clearly show the world Ukraine, its beauty and that means, which Russia is now making an attempt to destroy,” she explains.

Anna Senik's ethno-photography Anna Senik's ethno-photography Anna Senik's ethno-photography Anna Senik's ethno-photography

“Ukraine must have concrete visual photographs,” Senik proceeds. “I want the world to know not only about the war but also about what we are getting rid of simply because of this war. That’s why I blend my artwork pics with war materials — it’s ahead of and just after, it is a distinction, it is a wrestle of fantastic and evil.”

Senik is confident in the victory of her nation and thinks that her folks will not end combating for their liberty.

“Whether I endure or not, Ukraine will unquestionably be,” she states. “For myself, my only aspiration is ю all my family and close friends to be alive and healthy, and I will be in a position to return to art soon after all.”

Far more of Senik’s work can be found on her internet site and Instagram web site.

Picture credits: All pictures by Anna Senik.

By Indana