The Questionnaire : Harold Hermann by Carole Schmitz

HAROLD HERMANN: Exploring humanity

His qualifications is atypical, to say the minimum. If he was very early interested in the operating of a digital camera, the arrival of the digital technologies, experienced rationale of this nascent curiosity. It is only 15 a long time afterwards that he will get possession of a digital camera, electronic this time and will study to tame this new course of action of earning pictures. In the meantime, he examined medication and turned an anesthetist.

While he did not go to art faculty, he did, on the other hand, research cinema and portray. A strategy that educated his eyes and created his visual imagination.

Animated by the magnificence of the arts as perfectly as by the human sciences and philosophy, Harold Hermann preferred to examine the human staying, his personal and but universal mechanisms, as a result of photographic options.

His goal is to check out humanity, questioning a experience, an idea, a norm in order to provoke a reflection in the viewer. Guided by the lookup for reality, he focuses on magnifying the natural beauty of the human body as effectively as the textures of the decor or the styling. In this function, the gentle is necessary. Consequently, he likes to go away in the shadows particulars and hues that just one discovers progressively and, by means of distinct obscure, to underline the solemnity of the issue.

Harold Hermann likes to explain to stories through pictures, in link with an intrigue, an problem or an emotion.

Following possessing boxed the most lovely landscapes, he commences the photo of staging in 2020, with, at initially, an intimist sequence, “A corps écrits”, which was the matter of exhibition in Paris and Arles, then of large frescoes “Liberté-Egalité-Fraternité”, and “Amour” in 2021.

His creative approach begins with the maturation of an concept in the sort of a sketch, which then leads to the structure of sets, the preference of types, the structure of his group, and the research for styling and components, just before ending with the shooting and enhancing of the pictures. Then comes the get the job done on the print and the framing to make a genuine art item, frequently in huge format. A collective perform in which the intervention of the camera is ultimately minimal! But the consequence is there, bewitching and fragile.


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Your first photographic bring about?
Harold Hermann : I was 7 decades old, on getaway in the island of Re, my father gave me an analogue digicam. I experienced applied myself all through one particular afternoon to make the most lovely pictures of the campsite the place we were : landscapes, portraits of loved ones, friends… To master, at the close of the working day that my father experienced forgotten to insert a movie in the digicam!

The male of illustrations or photos who evokes you?
Harold Hermann : Leturk for his capability to transmit inventive electrical power.

The impression you would have appreciated to make?
Harold Hermann : Delacroix’s Liberty Guiding the People.

The 1 that moved you the most?
Harold Hermann : As a teen, photos of focus camps that manufactured me recognize that the horrors of human murder were being incredibly near to us.

And the a person that built you indignant?
Harold Hermann : People very same images!

A key graphic in your particular pantheon?
Harold Hermann : The coronation of Napoleon by Jacques-Louis David. Noticed with my elementary school course on a stop by to the Louvre, when I was 8/10 decades aged. The imposing dimensions, the solemnity, the sacredness… I have stored this vision in me and it need to have affected my desires of generation.

What is the vital excellent to be a great photographer?
Harold Hermann : Boldness !

What is for you the fantastic image, if it exists?
Harold Hermann : An impression that generates solid feelings for the greatest amount of individuals.

The man or woman you would like to photograph?
Harold Hermann : Christ.

An essential image book?
Harold Hermann : I am not a major supporter of photo books… But, at the instant, two resources of inspiration are sitting on my bedside desk: A gorgeous guide on the Pre-Raphaelites and the latest situation of Typical journal.

The camera of your beginnings?
Harold Hermann : Nikon.

The a person you use today?
Harold Hermann : Nikon.

Your most loved drug?
Harold Hermann : Love… Just forward of sexual intercourse and food…

The ideal way to disconnect for you?
Harold Hermann : I be reluctant between looking at several episodes of a series for the duration of 50 % the night time and…a occasion and liquor !

Your biggest top quality ?
Harold Hermann : The woman I love…

An image to illustrate a new banknote?
Harold Hermann : Adam and Eve, bare in mother nature

The position you would not have appreciated to do?
Harold Hermann : Typically talking, all the positions I would not do if I experienced to go and have enjoyment!

Your largest extravagance as a photographer?
Harold Hermann :  Owning 600 pink roses shipped to the studio for an picture shoot !

What values do you want to share by means of your visuals?
Harold Hermann : No values! Magnificence, poetry, one more way of viewing and understanding the world….

The town, the country or the lifestyle that you desire to learn?
Harold Hermann : Japan.

The position you never ever get worn out of?
Harold Hermann : Comfortably anchored in my couch, I travel, I stroll, I escape, I approach, I dream… (Strolling in Venice is not terrible either !)

Your largest regret ?
Harold Hermann : If I believe about it, I will find a whole lot of them… But, this reflection is considerably away on my to do checklist !

What do you imagine about networks? Which ones do you use?
Harold Hermann : I constantly visualize and layout pictures in huge formats with lovely frames to make them truly outstanding objects! Paradoxically, the networks, which right now are the showcase of picture generation, are seen on tiny screens of scarcely 5 cm! We are far from the frescos of Jacques-Louis David!

Colour or B&W ?
Harold Hermann : Colour !

Daylight or synthetic gentle?
Harold Hermann : The most beautiful! Regardless of whether it arrives from the sky or from a lamp!

The most photogenic town in your view?
Harold Hermann : Bangkok.

If God existed, would you talk to him to pose for you, or would you opt for a selfie with him?
Harold Hermann : But, glance at my pictures and you will see that he presently posed for me…

The impression that signifies for you the existing point out of the earth?
Harold Hermann : Uh… the temperature !

And if almost everything was to be redone?
Harold Hermann : But it already finished is each individual day…


By Indana