Adrian Monk’s powers of observation might be a gift…and a curse, but the very first glimpse of new Peacock project Mr. Monk’s Previous Scenario: A Monk Movie is only a reward. Complete quit.

Monk, which ran from 2002 to 2009 on Usa Network and snagged eight Emmy Awards, ended about a decade back. But creator Andy Breckman hasn’t stopped thinking about the defective detective in the many years because. “Monk has been a big section of my life for the very last 10 or 12 years, and the character that I am proudest of probably in my job,” he tells EW. “I was always hoping for a probability to revisit him the way you would want to revisit an aged mate.”

Tony Shalhoub in ‘Mr. Monk’s Past Case: A Monk Movie’.
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The to start with possibility to examine in on Monk (Tony Shalhoub) came in the course of the early months of COVID-19, which Breckman says led to a key uptick in lovers asking about the position of the detective. “Through the lockdown, absolutely everyone was inquiring me, and I’m sure they had been asking Tony, ‘Gosh, I marvel how Monk would fare?’ Or, ‘Maybe Monk would prosper simply because he was out of the blue in his component residing in a bubble.’ All people was inquiring about Monk and anxious about Monk and curious about Monk throughout the lockdown.”

Breckman calls Shalhoub, who gained a few Emmys for his portrayal of Monk across eight seasons and is celebrating his 70th birthday now, the “heart and soul of the franchise.” So, of program, it was vital that he also be fascinated in discovering wherever and how the character is today. Thankfully, he was.

Tony Shalhoub and Melora Hardin in ‘Mr. Monk’s Last Case: A Monk Movie’.
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When Shalhoub was on board to return, Breckman understood they had some thing. This led to the creation of a shorter featuring the Monk characters for Peacock’s At-Household Wide range Display, titled “Mr. Monk Shelters in Place,” in which Monk caught up with his friends and thorough his lockdown plan. “Tony and his wife, Brooke Adams, did that 4-moment mini-episode from their condominium,” facts Breckman. “It was directed by Brooke, and NBC truly dropped off the equipment in the hallway outdoors their apartment.”

The optimistic reaction to the limited led NBC to reach out to Breckman and his developing associate, David Hoberman, about the likelihood of creating a reunion movie for Peacock. Thus, Mr. Monk’s Very last Circumstance was born.

Hector Elizondo and Tony Shalhoub in ‘Mr. Monk’s Very last Scenario: A Monk Movie’.

But enthusiasts would not find the Monk they left at the rear of in 2009. The two-section finale, “Mr. Monk and the Finish,” ultimately gave Monk and the audience solutions about his spouse Trudy’s (Melora Hardin) murder, foremost to a hope that Adrian might be on the street to recovery from the much more critical indications of his OCD.

But the latest gatherings upended all of that. “The pandemic threw Monk — and me and you and anyone reading through this — for a big loop, and he was quickly back at sq. one,” suggests Breckman. “So the movie finds Monk in a fairly dim put, and he’s again in a hole that he has to try out to dig out of emotionally.”

Digging out of that hole entails, of course, throwing himself into a circumstance (and some treatment classes with Hector Elizondo’s Dr. Bell, as evidenced in the very first appear pics). In the sequence finale, Monk achieved Molly (now performed by Caitlin McGee), Trudy’s daughter from an affair. Their marriage was pretty new very last we left them, but the two have turn into shut in the time away. “Molly has been Monk’s support method for the final 10 years and has served him effectively,” notes Breckman. “And there is certainly obviously affection concerning them.”

Caitlin McGee in ‘Mr. Monk’s Past Circumstance: A Monk Movie’.

When Molly’s fiancé is murdered, Monk devotes himself to fixing the circumstance, as soon as again throwing himself into a mystery with a deeply private connection to his possess existence. “When people today question me what the unique series was about, I always say it was about decline,” says Breckman. “It was Monk dealing with the loss of his beloved wife, Trudy. And that, of study course, we solved in the sequence finale. But the motion picture provides Monk with an similarly psychological problem that he has to stage up and tackle. We located a way to increase the stakes but yet again for this very poor guy.”

Raising the stakes features putting Monk in a hazmat accommodate. We know Monk loves his hand wipes and disinfectant, but this tactic for dealing with his germaphobia is on a new amount. “Monk, like all of us, invested a several months at the peak of the pandemic in a hazmat accommodate, both basically or figuratively,” Breckman teases. “There are a person or two mini flashbacks in the motion picture, and that photograph (down below) could possibly be from a person of the pandemic flashbacks.”

Tony Shalhoub in ‘Mr. Monk’s Previous Scenario: A Monk Movie’.
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The film also finds Monk struggling with off from a new foe, Rick Eden (played by Rome‘s James Purefoy), an egotistical billionaire obsessed with turning out to be the very first civilian to orbit the Earth. If that seems a great deal like some present-day figures, that’s by layout.

“The ideal tales are kinds where by Monk is heading up against somebody incredibly, extremely highly effective, incredibly powerful, and very dismissive of him — an individual that underestimates Monk from the commencing,” Breckman suggests. “In this entire world, there is no just one extra highly effective than these Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos sort of people. In this circumstance, the James Purefoy character is making a rocket. He’s sending himself into room.”

Ted Levine and James Purefoy in ‘Mr. Monk’s Final Scenario: A Monk Movie’.
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Adds Breckman: “You could be fascinated to know that when I pitched this tale to Peacock, the 1st issue I reported in the pitch was that the rocket hardly ever normally takes off mainly because I required to reassure them it was not likely to expense $300 million.”

While Purefoy and McGee are new to the proceedings, most of the forged will be familiar to Monk fans. Leland Stottlemeyer (Ted Levine), Randy Disher (Jason Gray-Stanford), and Natalie Teeger (Traylor Howard) are all back. And although Sharona (Bitty Schram) just isn’t in any of these to start with-appear illustrations or photos, Adrian’s first nurse, who went on to marry Randy, will make an look by means of flashbacks.

Traylor Howard, Tony Shalhoub, Jason Grey-Stanford, and Ted Levine in ‘Mr. Monk’s Last Scenario: A Monk Movie’.
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“We seriously did feel like we have been obtaining the band back alongside one another,” he muses. “We only experienced an hour and a fifty percent so we experienced to be a small selective, but Sharona is a existence in the motion picture, and we’re joyful to see her. I would like she was in extra, but she’s there. As for Monk’s Brother Ambrose (John Turturro), that may well be cause more than enough to hope for a sequel to this motion picture considering the fact that we didn’t get to see him all over again.”

That is correct – the Television film may possibly be titled Mr. Monk’s Previous Scenario, but Breckman is certainly hoping that will not likely be literal, just as the series finale — the title of which features the text “the finish” — has not turned out to be that.

“‘The End’ was not the finish and the ‘Last Case’ we hope is not genuinely the previous situation,” he claims. “I have an strategy for a sequel that I’d enjoy to do, and if the gods smile on this task, I hope we get a likelihood to proceed our journey.”

As lengthy as there are a lot of moist wipes.

Mr. Monk’s Past Scenario: A Monk Film debuts Dec. 8 on Peacock.

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