Mastering the Sony Menu Procedure and Tailor made Controls for Pictures

New cameras have earned a bit of time for original set up and customization. This manual really should aid you with your new Sony camera.

Lots of items have been said about the Sony menu system. Any one who takes advantage of the much more sophisticated Sony Alpha cameras would come across the menu process to be very overpowering due to the fact of the numerous tabs, web pages, and sub-internet pages for solutions and configurations. It is not erroneous to say that the menu technique can be perplexing primarily if it is your 1st time working with the camera however, the crowded menu technique can be noticed as a boon for having a large choice of capabilities, attributes, and customization options.

Mastering the use of your Sony camera, in this online video specially, the new Sony a7 IV means customizing the controls and menus to in good shape your workflow and give you the quickest accessibility to the capabilities you generally require though capturing. This guide does not go by means of each individual option on the menu program but as a substitute provides some suggestions for smoother use exclusively for images

Original Options

These precise configurations are one-time adjustments dependent on your common workflow. Cameras arrive with a default setting in the first firmware, but they really do not automatically suit your workflow. It is important to established your configurations prior to going on your initially shoot with your new camera to avoid any missed pictures or file incompatibilities.

File Formats

Irrespective of whether for stills or online video, it is essential to established your wanted file structure and measurements before utilizing your camera. Quite a few photographers prefer to shoot completely in raw format, although photographers who offer with images in bulk normally want to shoot them in JPEG. In any case, you can choose whether or not to shoot in possibly or both of those formats, as nicely as set the JPEG file measurement.

File formats for online video also issue. It’s critical to know what resolution you are recording in, what frame level you seize your footage with, as perfectly as the little bit charge and colour settings. Not only does this have an impact on your output, it also matters for compatibility with your editing program and footage from other cameras.

File Managing

Most cameras these days have dual SD card slots. The Sony a7 IV has two slots with just one that doubles as a hybrid CF Categorical type-A slot. Even though the original configuration doesn’t make or crack your workflow, this can be utilised as a great way to pre-form your documents. You can both designate one particular slot for stills and the other for movie clips, or you can have a person storing the raw information when the other keeps the JPEGs. This does surprise in backing up your files as effectively as conveniently sorting by them especially in quick-paced perform.

Assistive Capabilities

Most cameras now supply a variety of methods to make sure concentrating. The Sony a7 IV gives each confront and eye autofocus monitoring to the extent that you can decide on which eye to observe. You can also pick out subjects whose eyes are to be tracked involving human beings, animals (dogs and cats), and a specific setting for birds. Far more than that, the digital camera also presents functions to assistance you target manually when vital both when autofocus is switched off or when working with guide lenses. Applying the focus magnifier is a excellent way that you are focusing with in close proximity to-ideal precision, and concentration peaking aids you identify your accuracy. These are good possibilities to activate so that they mechanically perform every time you turn off the autofocus.

Smartphone Registration and Other Connectivity Possibilities

An underappreciated improve on the a7 IV is the much more seamless compatibility with the Sony Imaging Edge app. Contrary to older Sony products that would demand pairing each one time you desire to join the camera to your smartphone, the relationship concerning the a7 IV and the up to date app is an just about automated system. At the time the a7 IV is switched on, the mobile phone can quickly detect it and routinely connects to it after the Imaging Edge application is opened. The first pairing can be really wearisome because of the password prompt having said that, it is totally justified contemplating that this is carried out only the moment.


Other alternatives in most menu programs are often transformed on an as-desired basis. Options these kinds of as emphasis modes, concentrate areas, shade profiles, generate modes, and a lot of many others are greatest preselected. Even so, a more vital preliminary job is to assign them shortcuts for less complicated access since these are the settings that you may possibly need from time to time. This can be performed in several ways namely the operate menu, the “My Menu” web page, and the various customizable buttons and dials on the rear and major panel, as nicely as the aim-maintain button on many Sony lenses.

The Perform Menu

This menu that you access by pressing the Fn button on the rear panel is a fantastic way to maintain all the configurations that you would want fast entry to. Options put here are these that usually have various options, this sort of as emphasis modes, inventive glimpse, drive modes, and related capabilities, since they can easily be browsed as a result of working with the joystick/pad and any of the 4 dials. However, other functions with simple on-and-off options can be put in this article as well relying on what suits your workflow finest.

As a personal advice, the selections I continue to keep here are the types I would normally demand for just about every various capturing state of affairs. This involves travel modes and self-timer, target modes and parts, white harmony modes, file format, creative search, image profiles, and stabilization possibilities. Storage and media options can also be put on the function menu specifically if you come across the need to improve these configurations usually.

The My Menu Page

This site is the 1st web page of the menu method that is intentionally placed to be a rapid accessibility customizable page for shortcuts to virtually any menu product just one would want to place there. There are six customizable webpages, but filling all those up could possibly be lacking the issue. As an alternative, it is finest to put secondary importance functions that you at times use instead of ones you would change various periods in one shoot. This is greatest for functions, these types of as formatting your SD card, sensor cleaning, USB streaming, as well as for shortcuts heading into interval shooting.

Dial Customization

The dials make this sort of a large affect on the ergonomic alterations supplied by the Sony a7I V. For 1, there is a “main” manner dial that switches amongst picture, video clip, and S&Q modes underneath the digicam mode dial. This isn’t a customizable dial, nonetheless, it built home to decongest the menu by segregating video and photo configurations relying on which method the camera is in.  

The front dial and the top remaining dial are normally set for shutter pace and aperture, though they can also be reassigned. The 3rd dial on the prime proper spot is a completely customizable unmarked dial. Because this was previously the EV compensation dial, it helps make feeling to assign it to that. Even so, a fantastic new solution is to have a individual purpose for this dial-in guide manner since formerly the EV compensation dial just loses function altogether in that mode. This can be set to an ISO dial as an alternative in that manner whilst retaining the EV payment function in the program (P), shutter priority (S), or aperture priority (A) modes. You can do this by choosing the selection that says, “Separate M manner and other modes.” Alternatively, I established this dial to Kelvin temperature, due to the fact I usually use that white equilibrium method and established the ISO on to the thumb wheel, which can similarly be reassigned to the exact variety of selections.

Button Customization

The buttons are maybe the most customizable solutions on the A7IV because just about any environment or established of possibilities can be assigned to a unique button. The top panel attributes two tailor made buttons, C2 and the video document button that can be reassigned when in photograph manner. The C2 button is a terrific shortcut for secondary on-the-fly settings that will have to be changed this sort of as emphasis locations, metering modes, or stabilization options.

The upper row of the rear panel is composed of 4 further customizable buttons, the AEL, AF-ON, C1, and C3 buttons. These are great buttons for additional options you would like to activate on the fly. I assign these buttons as a crop mode swap, a shortcut to innovative looks/photograph profiles, white balance modes, and a aim magnifier shortcut. Several other functions can be assigned dependent on your workflow.

Last of all, six out of the seven buttons on the reduced fifty percent can also be reassigned. Although 3 of the four quadrants of the thumbwheel have labeled capabilities for display screen info, ISO, and drive mode shortcuts, they can be adjusted totally. In addition, the delete button on the reduce suitable also doubles as a customizable C4 button.

As a personalized choice, I assigned the middle button as a shortcut to the “my menu” web site to make it much more accessible and quite significantly a shortcut to the menu as very well considering that the menu button is on the other corner of the screen. I established the unassigned base quadrant of the wheel to a touch operation swap though keeping the labeled functions of the other buttons. Finally, I established the C4 or delete button into a shortcut to the “Self-timer in the course of bracket” choice which lets me to established a precisely timed hold off for bracketing exposures, a perform not involved in the primary travel mode menu.

Customizing your Sony a7 IV is the essential to turning it into a digital camera that totally suits your workflow. The a7 IV was developed as a hybrid digicam for creatives who develop the two stills and video clips with just just one camera body. The alternative to personalize the diverse buttons and dials separately within just every single mode provides you the ability to customize it into pretty much two unique cameras with the flick of a person swap. The customization examples in this report mirror my workflow for capturing landscapes, architecture, and solution pictures and are mere ideas that may well also fit your model.

By Indana