I Have an Awesome New Girlfriend

I was not really expecting this girl to have much money, that was hardly why I was interested in her. The girl is really good looking and in particular she has an incredible body. I met her while I was swimming and I realized at once that she must have been a competitive swimmer. She told me that she had not qualified for the Olympic trials when I asked her, I mean this girl makes me look bad when I swim against her. At any rate it turns out that she is among other things a bitcoin trader. I hardly knew what this meant until I looked it up. I had heard people on TV talk about that, but I never paid attention. She does a lot of other stuff, what they call wealth management. Of course I really have very little of that and managing my money means that I try to pay my rent on time and think about when I am going to need to replace my car.

At any rate this has worked out a whole lot better than I might have dreamed if I had been dreaming really hard. I wanted a girlfriend and I got like a girlfriend from my dreams, she seems not to think of me as exactly her boyfriend really. It seems more like I am a distraction from the stress of her work. Either way she has been lending me a car, apparently she kept it when she upgraded to a BMW. It is what you would call a beater, a car you abuse to keep the miles off of a better car. However my car is the same one I had in high school when I got it handed down from my sister who got it from my Mom. I had been saving up my money to replace it.