Prolonged Department – They’re day-to-day metropolis people. Baker. Nurse. Youngster in a park.

They are daily town leaders. Coach. Mayor. Councilman. Superintendent. 

They all have one particular detail in typical. They aided the town in the battle from COVID-19.  

Long Branch residents David A. Brown and Barbara P. Bland on a poster as part of the Long Branch's Everyday Heroes exhibit on display now at the newly opened Arts Center.

Alongside one another, they make up a new artwork show titled “Daily Heroes,” by photographer Andrea Phox on display at the Prolonged Department Arts & Cultural Heart on Broadway.   

“They ended up eager to put themselves out in front on posters for absolutely everyone to see in what had develop into a politicized difficulty. They stood up,” Phox stated. 

In the darkest hours of the pandemic, when vaccines have been continue to months absent but coming, the town made use of COVID grant income to create a public provider well being campaign using its “day-to-day heroes” to urge people to get the photographs.   

By Indana