Dwayne Johnson’s continued jokes targeting Vin Diesel throughout his filmography have finally been addressed by the man himself.

The most recent example is within the former wrestler’s Netflix actioner Red Notice, which features the cast discussing Diesel auditioning for the musical Cats.

“The jokes never end,” he laughed whilst appearing on The Jess Cagle Show.

vin diesel and dwayne johnson in fast and furious 5


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“People were asking me about that and they just find a way. It’s interesting, these Vin Diesel jokes – which play great, by the way, to the audience, which is always a good thing, because it’s really all about them – but people think these jokes come from me and they actually don’t…

“You’d be surprised with how many people come to me with, ‘I’ve got a great one! I’ve got another great Vin Diesel joke!’ It’s always funny.”

If they carry on, that feud between the Fast & Furious pair might not be ancient history afterall.

dwayne johnson in red notice


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Switching back to Red Notice, Digital Spy awarded Johnson’s latest movie release two stars in our review.

“As Red Notice piles revelation upon revelation in its final act, it clearly wants to take you by surprise, only to end up convoluted. It’s telling that you’ll likely see some of them coming and that the biggest twist probably ends up being one of the most unexpected cameos of the year (not in a good way),” it read.

“In true blockbuster fashion, the movie leaves itself open for Red Notice 2 with yet another revelation. We only hope that if a sequel does bring back Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot, it gives them something better to do next time around.”

Red Notice is in select cinemas from November 5 and arrives on Netflix on November 12.

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By Indana