Rejoice Your Palate after Filling Your Creativity at Moco Museum

Yoast SEO Description: Visit the Moco Museum today! If you get hungry, Pure Markt is a good option to impress your palate before continuing your visit of museum Amsterdam

Rejoice your palate after filling your creativity at Moco Museum

Visit the Moco Museum today! If you get hungry, Pure Markt is a good option to impress your palate before continuing your visit of museum Amsterdam.Amsterdam is surrounded by art. We know. Many tourists come attracted by names like Van Gogh and Rembrandt. You’ve been drawn to the particular type of art on display at the Moco Museum. The paintings and sculptures there have a message to convey about how modern society lives. It is a space that allows you to reflect on situations that we all need to change to make this world a better place. It is an excellent choice of museum Amsterdam to visit. Have no doubt about it. But it is not the only thing you can do in this city. Today we are going to talk about a place whose main goal is to delight your palate with the flavors of The Netherlands. Flavors that you will not forget.

Introducing the Pure Markt

Imagine going every Sunday to a market full of colors and flavors of this city. It is the perfect place to spend a pleasant time with friends and family. Filled with a variety of stall-holders ready to serve you like royalty, this market offers a wide selection of high-quality artisan food and drink where you can taste both Dutch and ethnic cuisine. It is the perfect place if you want to get in touch with the homemade flavors of Amstedam and The Netherlands. Try some Dutch Gouda cheese accompanied by a delicious wine. If you prefer stronger flavors, you can enjoy a Surinam roti or an Indian curry. Accompany your meal with an American pie or a freshly chucked oyster. Main plates, desserts, drinks, there will be no way for your palate not to discover new flavors in this particular market.

It’s not just food they sell

Okay, we know you love to eat. Enjoying a good plate of food is an experience you wouldn’t trade for anything. But if you are also interested in fashion, at Pure Markt you can find stalls offering a mix of designer, vintage and gift items. We assure you that after visiting the Moco Museum and coming to the Pure Markt, you won’t leave empty-handed (or empty-stomached). You might even add to your suitcase a new dress or accessory you bought at this market. This market takes place in 4 different locations: at the Park Frankendael every last Sunday of the month; at the Amstelpark every second Sunday of the month; at the Amsterdamse Bos five times a year; and at the Hilversum Pure Buren, in collaboration with local shopkeepers, once a year per location.… Read More...