18 Movie And TV Bloopers That Made The Final Cut

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Filming scenes for a movie or a show can be challenging, and every so often, a mistake makes it through the cracks.

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Whether they are too funny or too small, some bloopers still get used by the filmmakers, and sometimes they make the scene even better. Here are 18 Movie and TV Bloopers That Made the Final Cut.



Pris Breaks the Glass – Blade Runner

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In Ridley Scott’s sci-fi masterpiece, we see replicant Pris pretend to be scared of genetic designer J.F. Sebastian. When she runs from him on the street, she slips and breaks a car window with her elbow, an actual accident from actor Daryl Hannah that cut her elbow in eight places.


Candie Cuts His Hand – Django Unchained

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After discovering Django and Schultz’s secret plan, Calvin Candie slams his hand on the table and breaks a glass in a fit of rage, effectively cutting his palm. This injury was an accident on Leonard DiCaprio’s part, and it’s amazing that he didn’t notice it at first and that he just rolled with it. How did it take so long for this man to win an Oscar?


Bebe – Schitt’s Creek

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Moira Rose is known for the bizarre manner in which she talks, most notably in how she says the word “baby.” This beloved line was born out of a blooper, during which Catherine O’Hara claims she said “bebe” as a joke or mistake. The crew got a laugh out of it, and so it became a running gag on the show. 


Breaking the Guitar – The Hateful Eight

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In another entry from Quentin Tarantino, this scene involves Kurt Russell’s Hangman smashing a guitar used by Jennifer Jason Leigh’s Daisy. The original plan was that shot was supposed to cut to another one in which Russell smashed a replacement guitar, but he ended up smashing the real one valued at $40,000. 


The Cat – The Godfather

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When you think of Vito Corleone, you think of him sitting behind a desk in a suit while stroking a cat. However, that cat was never meant to be in the film at all. It was just a stray that Francis Ford Coppola found near the set, and it loved Marlon Brando so much that he just performed with it. It’s not often that a person steals the show from Brando, let alone a cat.


Lord of the Flies – Raiders of the Lost Ark

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In the scene where Indy aims a bazooka at the Ark of the Covenant, the evil René Belloq tries to talk him out of it. But if you look closely, you can see a fly land on Belloq’s face and enter his mouth. It’s unclear whether or not actor Paul Freeman was aware of the fly and he just kept going. Either way, you gotta admire that he stayed in character.


Gandalf Hits His Head – The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring

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For an average-sized person, it would be difficult to walk through a Hobbit-hole in Middle Earth. Gandalf experienced this trouble when he’s in Bilbo’s home, but the character was never supposed to hit his head on a roof beam. Nevertheless, it works so well with the scene that it was used in the film.


Kelso Hits the Table – That ’70s Show

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In the show’s first Christmas episode, Kelso jumps over the couch to talk to Eric’s sister, Laurie, and he accidentally hits the table with his legs but gets back up. This mistake was not scripted, and you can tell by Laurie’s reaction to it, but Ashton Kutcher took it like a champ and kept the scene going, so it’s no wonder this take was used in the episode.


Thor Hangs Up His Hammer – Thor: The Dark World

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Though the second Thor movie is considered one of the worst films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it still featured one hilarious moment that initially started as a joke. When Thor enters an apartment, he hangs his hammer on a coat rack, which is apparently worthy of wielding Mjolnir. Actor Chris Hemsworth was just messing around in this shot, but the filmmakers just loved it enough to keep it in the film. It’s another of those silly moments that makes us love Hemsworth as Thor even more.


Peter Drops the Orb – Guardians of the Galaxy

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When Peter Quill delivers the Orb to the Collector on Knowhere, he accidentally drops it on the floor before picking it back up (a real accident made by actor Chris Pratt). Of course, the filmmakers decided to include it in the film because it was so damn funny, and it really fits with Quill’s buffoonish character.


Rich Falls – The Martian

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Donald Glover played a small but important role in Ridley Scott’s recent sci-fi film. At one point, his character, Rich, gets out of his chair to get more coffee, but he ends up falling on the ground by accident. This mistake was not supposed to be in the film, but it was so hilarious that it’s no wonder Scott kept it in.


Jim Pops Dwight’s Fitness Orb – The Office

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One of the funniest cold-opens in The Office has to be the one where Jim pops the fitness orb Dwight uses as a chair. However, the ball was originally supposed to slowly deflate, but John Krasinki had hit the seam of the ball, causing it and Dwight to immediately go down. If you listen carefully, you can hear someone laughing in the background.


The Car Doesn’t Start – Seinfeld

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During one episode of this classic show, our four protagonists get lost in a parking garage in Jersey trying to find their car. It is only hours later that they all reunite at the car, but once they all get inside, Kramer has trouble turning the engine on. The car was actually supposed to start in the script, so you can see why the cast is laughing their heads off inside it, but this mistake was a blessing in disguise that made their misfortune so much funnier.


The Bagpipes Scene – Friends

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Probably one of the funniest moments from Friends is when Ross plays the bagpipes for everyone. The moment got even more hilarious when Phoebe joined in and mimicked the sounds of the pipes, and you could see Rachel trying to hide her face as she cracks up next to her.


The Head Bonk – Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope

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At one point in this sci-fi classic, we see a bunch of Stormtroopers walking through a door, searching for Luke and his team. In this shot, you can see a Stormtrooper hitting his head on the top of the door frame, and it somehow made its way into the final cut. George Lucas went with the joke and even enhanced the sound of the bonk in a later edition of the film.


“Hey, I’m Walkin’ Here!” – Midnight Cowboy

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This line has forever been associated with the people of New York City. When Joe and Ratso are walking down the streets of the city, a taxi nearly hits them, and we get this iconic response from Ratso. The truth behind this scene was that filmmakers never blocked off the street for filming, so the cab was never meant to roll in like that, and Ratso’s reaction was completely improvised. Imagine that cab driver’s reaction to seeing this movie and realizing he almost hit Dustin Hoffman.


Chandler Hits His Head – Friends

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When Chandler gets handcuffed in his girlfriend’s office, Rachel tries to keep him inside since his girlfriend is also her boss. Cuffing his hand to a filing cabinet, Chandler demands that she set him free. But at the end of this scene, the drawer rolls out and slams into Chandler’s head, cutting him right off mid-sentence. This moment was never scripted, so you can see Rachel once again trying to hide her laughter.


Body Waxing – The 40-Year-Old Virgin

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In this scene from Judd Apatow’s rom-com, we see Andy getting his body waxed to prepare himself for the dating game, and the results are just too funny. Because Steve Carell was actually getting his chest hair ripped off, his reactions were genuine, including his laughter. Even the rest of the cast broke character during this scene, and the fact that they just went along with it cemented it as a comedy classic. 

Do you agree with this list? Were there any other hilarious bloopers you loved that I missed? Please let me know in the comments section below.

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